You would normally associate these words with violence, cruelty and murder. These are also normally associated with people who do such things.

So, why a group of 6-8 year olds would form a “team of commandos”, chase and capture a “maid’s son” as prisoner, then go on to torture and kill him? Weapons of choice? Guns and swords.

Shocked! I typed a frantic message to my wife. “He cannot play in the park anymore with these kids!“. Yes, my 6 year old son was one of the “commandos”.  😦

I watched the game unfold in front of me.


The “prisoner” was captured and taken away. The so called ‘well to do’ kids will never become a prisoner.  They will always role-play an oppressor.  Why? Red flag right here! They have learned in this age that there are masters and servers. Haves and have nots, “They work for us”. Parents: equality lessons start right now! 



The prisoner was then held to the ground and tortured. A sword at his throat. From where is this script getting copied? Parents: please check what your kids are watching on screen. Who are their playing partners. This could be a harmless ‘kids’ Lego movie YOU have taken him to!



I tried to reason with this kid who was in-charge of the armory. I told him that, it would be fair if these two kids also had weapons, and they can chase you too.

“No! the weapons are not for them” He said. Weapons makes them more powerful. Weapons kill. This knowledge comes from harmless Lego mini figures. Which possess different ‘powers’.

IMG_20170830_174410 (1)_censored

The game continues. The prisoner is thrown to the ground. He asks for his chappals. The kid in red gets the chappals and throws them on his face! ‘These people’ do not deserve any mercy! How do we teach them that there are no ‘Them’ and ‘Us’ ? How do we teach them compassion? 😦 

And finally, the kill.


The prisoner is shot in the head.

Again, these are not scenes from ISIS promotion media or, by some execution squad of a terrorist organization. These are 6-8 year old boys playing in the park!

Rather than learning compassion, equality, sympathy, kindness. These kids have learned that, there are people in this world who work for us and they do what we order them to. They have learned that they can never be wrong because they are the masters. They have formed an opinion that a maid’s son can be ordered around and will always play a bad guy.  They have learned that guns bring control.

What are you going to do about it? If you let it happen, your kid will grow up to justify all this:


And this:


What will you do about it?


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