This is me.


Did you expect to see a typical Indian Kisan? conforming to the image of an Indian farmer you have in your mind?

I am Rahul. I am 47 years old. For 18 years i worked with top IT companies. Helping them make money off their clients. I created software, i streamlined their processes, i trained them on technologies. I convinced them to do the impossible! At the end of the month, i only had money, nothing else.. only money. I gave them my time, my health, in return of Dollars and Rupees.

It was time for reflection and tough decisions. I was convinced, but how do i convince my wife about:

  1. Leaving my job (while at the top of my career)
  2. Moving to a new city
  3. Living on half the amount i was earning
  4. Farming!

It was easy for me to disturb order as a habit! Not so easy for my wife,  a person who plans everything way ahead, and likes the order in her life. In the end, it was easy for me but tough on her. She put on a brave front but had questions, doubts at the back of her mind. I still live with that guilt.

We moved to Chandigarh. After few weeks, I drove to Mustafabad alone for the first time. With all fancy ideas of Organic farming in mind. It was the honeymoon period, and it lasted for 1 Kharif and 1 Rabi season.











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